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"I Have A Virus!" Is This Your Cry?


Services Include:

* Virus Removal * Spyware Removal * Pop-Up Blocking * Anti-Spam * File Clean-Ups * Tune-Ups * System Updates * Personal Training * Software Installation

* Is your computer slow? or Constantly rebooting? or "Blue Screening"?

* Tired of wasted hours on the telephone with no solution?

* Tired of trying to communicate with someone who can't speak your language?

* Tired of having to WAIT FOR DAYS to schedule an available tech to come to your location?

* Tired of the excuses for the "no shows" when you're desperately waiting for a "tech" to arrive?

* Tired of having to struggle for days with a "down" system, unable to work while you wait to get your computer back up and running the way it should?

* Tired of paying more than $100 per hour for less than stellar service?

When "I Have A Virus!", is your cry... Long Island Computer Guys is the best fastest and cheapest place to go for expert computer repairs. All our technicians are Microsoft Certified professionals and Systems Engineers. We are experts at Virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal, system tweaks and updates. We are expert in Hardware and Software repairs. You can bring your PC to us for a fast, usually overnight system repair. Well get your computer running faster than the day you first bought it.

Did you think, "I Have A Virus!" Did you try to fix it yourself and only end up making things worse? Stop! If you go further you may end up costing yourself even more money to correct the problem...

Let the Pro's at Long Island Computer Guys fix it right the first time, every time!

When you realize, "I Have A Virus!" The First Thing to realize is that "no one tool does it all". No matter what they may claim! There are so many new infections with so many variants that we have found that it takes a number of anti-virus computer inoculation solutions to solve the 1,000's of bugs that are out there.

The next thing to learn is that all anti-virus software are NOT created equal. Some are better than others. Many will slow down your system worse than the viruses themselves. Some anti-virus solutions cost a lost of money, while other very good ones are FREE if you know where to get them.

Another critical point is that once realize "I Have A Virus!" and you are infected by a virus, worm or trojan, most of the time you won't have just one or two. We have fixed and cured many clients' computers that were infected with 150, 450, 1600, and yes even 6450 virus infections on a single PC!

At Long Island Computer Guys we haven't yet met a virus we can't beat!

ENOUGH! Call The Long Island Computer Guys ! (631)648-0840